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Weak Handshake? You're Doomed!

Did you know that a strong grip may just just help you live longer? Quite often in the quest for beach bodies, and ultimate workout plans we tend to over look the little things, but that is a HUGE mistake, and grip training is probably one of the most over looked and ignored (or in many cases not even thought about) training practices.

A stronger grip correlates to a stronger body. Period.

It's a proven fact that people with stronger grips have stronger bodies. They are able to lift heavier things with more easy, and often a weak grip will lead to les than optimal performance in the gym.

A stronger grip will help you live longer.

"Grip strength could be an easy and inexpensive test to assess an individual's risk of death and cardiovascular disease," said Dr. Darryl Leong, assistant professor of medicine of McMaster's Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine. "Doctors or other health care professionals can measure grip strength to identify patients with major illnesses such as heart failure or stoke who are at particularly high risk of dying from their illness."

A stronger grip will help you live better

Grip strength tends to go down as we age, yet those who manage to maintain a high strength level in their grip, have statistically demonstrated longer lives, and less age related dysfunctions. Weaker handshakes are associated with lower life expectancy, higher rates of disease, and faster rates of cognitive decline.

How to Train Your Grip

One of my favourite ways, and also quite inexpensive is by using a pair of Fat Gripz or Thick Grips. These can be placed on any gym Olympic bar, weight bar, dumbbell, or even ropes and cable attachments, instantly making the exercise more difficult. By increasing the diameter of the bar you will be forced to use more finger strength and change your grip.

- Make sure to not just use on typical curls, but use on all matter of pushing, and pulling exercises. I use Fat Gripz on deadlifts, shoulder press, benchpress, and pull-ups, as well as farmer walks, and all smaller isolation exercises.

Perform loaded carries

Simple yet effective, exercises like Farmer Walks and Suitcase Walks challenge the grip and entire body.

Use different grips.

Play around with your thumb position on different exercises. Just make sure to not use the "suicide grip" on any exercise where the weight could fall on you, or you could fall.

Think about forearms too.

Doing exercise like plate pinches, and plate chest push-outs challenge the forearms very well.

So, start to focus on your grip, and you just may end up getting stronger, and living longer. Go to my YouTube page to see a few of may favourite grip exercises.



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