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Lose The Belly For You. Wife. Kids. Life.

Today I saw a dad holding his daughters hand crossing the road.

At first I thought he was wearing a back pack on his chest.

But then as I got closer I realized it was his stomach.

And the first thing I felt was bad for this little girl.

Not for now. But for the years to come.

The high probability that her dad won’t be around as long as he could be.

That he can’t do all the things with her that I know he could.

That he doesn’t comprehend all the things that are holding him back

That he doesn’t comprehend all the better times that could be had if he lost that belly.

Now many of you know that my own father recently pass away at.

And he did make it to 79, but the last couple years before this, were no picnic ether for him.

The truth is the human body is VERY resilient.

We can beat the living sh*t out of it, and there’s a good chance it will endure. Sometimes even shockingly so.

But when it starts to breakdown?

That breakdown comes quick.

And my dad was 100% a dad like this guy.

He HATED the idea of exercise. Sweat. Moving.

He was so happy that they made pills where “I can still eat a Coke and bag of chips for breakfast”.

And truth be told, we didn’t really do much physical growing up.

We didn’t really go on adventures. Travel. Trips.

There were relatively little in beaches. Snowboarding. Hiking. Trekking. Seeing cool new places. Trying cool new things.

And as I looked at this dad and daughter, I quickly felt all that rush in.

This dad loves his daughter. I can see that.

But he doesn’t love himself enough.

And if you don't love yourself enough?

You're not giving all the love your could.

And you're definitely not playing the odds to share that love as long.

So my friend…

If you’re 30, 50, 80+ pounds overweight?

Reach out to me.

Do it for you.

Do it for your wife.

Do it for your kids.

Do it for those one day grandkids.

Just do it.

And I promise, you won’t be alone on this brave journey.

Chat soon - Ror



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