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5 Reasons You're WASTING TIME At The Gym.

A HUGE issue when it comes to the gym is what I call "exercising, and not training". And I can say with relative sincerity that 90%+ of regular gym goers are guilty of this.

Now there’s always a bunch of you who say, “well Ror doing something is better than nothing”.

You’re right...

But you’re also a f*cking idiot.

Why? Listen, if you’re taking the time to get up. Go to the gym. Put in the reps, the sets, the exercises, the effort. Then why not get the most bang for your buck?

So if that’s still your argument? Are you being paid minimum wage? Why not? I mean money is money right?


So this blog was actually inspired from a recent Tik Tok I did, and I thought it would be great here too.

So let's go over my Top 5 Tell Tale Signs You Are Wasting Your Time in the Gym.

1. You are NOT tracking. If you can’t send me a CLEAR record of what you’re doing at the gym each workout, each week, each month. You’re just guessing.

2. You can’t tell me what ‘phase’ you’re in. Are you in a strength phase? Muscle Gain? Power phase? Cardio phase? If you have no idea that phases even exist. You are not training.

3. You are NOT using Progressive Overload. If you send me your workout and it’s the same weights week after week, month after month, maybe even year after year, with no improvements in weight used, quality of movement, ranges of motion, or speed of lifting. You are just doing the same thing again and gain.

4. You’re not changing your routine. Now this doesn’t mean that you need to be doing ridiculous ass circus act routines and dramatically shifting your program all the time, BUT there should be some small to moderate changes in your exercises, sets, reps, and break times.

5. You are not setting or hitting goals. If you can’t tell me EXACTLY what it is you are trying to accomplish, and what your end goal looks like? Well my friend, again, you’re NOT training, you’re just exercising.

Fix those 5 things today, to start seeing those gains come back!

Now let me ask you;

What did you take from this blog?

And what is JUST 1 THING you can start to fix today?

Because I don’t want to just read this and move on. We got WAYYYYY too much of that. So take one thing, JUST ONE, and take action on it ok? Cool!



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