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The Most Powerful Nutrient For Men Over 40 (that you have never seen)

Updated: May 30

There is a powerful nutrient that ALL guys over 40 NEED to be taking on the regular basis, if of course your goal is to live leaner, stronger, longer, and better. Nope, I'm NOT talking about creatine either. What I’m I talking about?

Let’s get to it.

So what is this amazing nutrient? Well it’s the amino acid L-Citruline, and I have seen very few men over 40 have even heard of it, no less using it.

The big question: What does it do?

Well long story short;

It's is an amino acid that converts into nitric oxide, which relaxes and widens your blood vessels.

This means it will improve blood flow, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to ALL your muscles and organs. and because of this, it has been dubbed ‘natures viagra’, meaning it’s great for a pump in the gym or the bedroom.

Still not enough reason for you? Okay, it also helps reduce muscle fatigue, supports circulation, lowers blood pressure, increase blood flow to the brain boosting cognitive performance, enhancing both cardio and weight training workouts, helps reduce muscle soreness, boosts recovery, and has of course a bunch of benefits on your cardiovascular health.

So how do you get L-citruline?

First, you can supplement it in the form of either straight up L-citruline, or as Citruline Malate, personally that’s what I do, mixing it my lemon water every morning

But as far as foods go, the best ones bar NONE is watermelon. But keep in mind, the highest concentration is in the rind and the whiter parts closer to the rind. And if you don’t like watermelon, you can also get it in Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Seeds, but in much lower amounts.

So there you go guys, a ton of epic reasons for you to start using Citruline today.


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