The Top 3 Indoor Plants to Detox Your Home - Design Your Lifestyle

If I told you there were 3 plants that is easy to grow, easy to care for, don't need much light, are perfect for indoors, and between them help to decrease molds and many of the common airborne toxins would you believe me? Well it is true! Let me introduce you to my top 3.

Many of us have seen in passing the NASA top 10 list of air cleaning plants, but I would like to talk about 3 in particular.

English Ivy. Peace Lily. Golden Pothos.

Why These 3?

When looking for some good air cleaning plants, we want to make sure they are easy care, and remove multiple toxins and pollution issues. We have such a wide range of airborne chemicals in our home air today from carpets, furniture and clothing materials, cooking practices, plastic household goods and cleaning materials, not to mention the junk brought in from shoes (FYI - leave your shoes OUTSIDE!).