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Pandan: Asia's Secret Superfood

I remember when I first discovered this exotic, bright green superfood. I was walking through a shop in Indonesia, and out of the corner of my eye I catch this green loaf of bread. "What the heck is this" I thought to myself, picking it up to read the label. Unfortunately, the labelling was in Bahasa Indo, not english, so that didn't really help. Well, being the bread lover I am, and keeping with my years long journey

to seek out new foods, philosophies and ways of life in the ancient east, I just had to try it. Little did I know this day I would be discovering the superfood Pandan, a centuries old ingredient staple of SE Asia baking, that even now, as I write this am enjoying a slice.

Particularly dominate in Thailand where it's called Baitoey, Pandan is a wonderfully somewhat nutty and sweet tasting ingredient of the Panadan fern, a fairy normal looking spider shrub, similar in appearance to aloe vera (or just really big grass), but with much thinner leaves. Pandan I discovered has been used for a number of health benefits throughout asian culture for a very long ti

me, and the leaves have a wide number of benefits, everything from brining down fevers, to helping with dandruff, to keeping mosquitos at bay.

Below I list see of the more health based benefits of eating Panada, and why you need to introduce this staple of my life into yours today. Pandan can be found in its whole form, chopped leaves, powder, liquids, and teas. I can promise you, the west will love Pandan as much as I have! And I will be brining this as well as many things of my journeys with me, back to Canada once my journeys are complete.

1. Natural Pain Reduction.

Pandan has traditionally been used as a natural form of aspirin, with its abilities to decrease body pain, and fevers.

2. Reduces Cramps and GI issues.

Panda has been used for assisting with women during pregnancy, and PMS with cramps and abdominal pains, as fellas with GI issues.

3. Natural Anxiety and Stress Reduction.

4. Cardiovascular Benefits

Including lowering blood sugar levels, reducing hypertension and stroke risks.

5. Arthritis, Rheumatism and Nerve diseases.

Pandan had been used to help treat joint and nerve based diseases.

6. The Perfect Green

A natural and very effective way to add green colours to foods that are full of benefits instead of artificial chemical colours. Halloween punch or Paddies Day Beers anyone?

7. Cancer Prevention

Pandan extract is a powerful carcinogen fighter.

So, add the wonderful and delicious Pandan to your foods and even garden today. Just remember, while pandan makes delicious cookies and cakes, to make sure to use other healthy ingredients too when baking!

BONUS: And like I said at the beginning, you can also use Pandan extract as a natural replant of mosquitoes and cockroaches.

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Sep 11, 2021

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