Designing Your Zen Zone

What is a Zen Zone you ask? To put it simply, it’s a place all about you, or at least about you during the time you’re in it. Depending on your situation, you may want to share it, or keep it as all yours, and for simplicity sake, I’m just going to talk about designing to for you.

Now in this space you can do lots of things; meditate, just breathe, listen to a podcast, do some art, write, journal, read a book, or even play an instrument, it’s whatever you need in your life that helps you to zen out after a long day, break up your day, or to help you prepare for the day.

I got the idea for home Zen Zones from my travels and living throughout Asia and India, and in each place I would find variations on the them of mindfulness and reflection. The Pooja rooms in India homes, the small altars in Buddhists homes throughout Asia, to even gaining ideas from the many temples I visited. Many of these areas are aimed traditionally towards prayer, but I saw no reason why we couldn’t use the idea towards more personal reasons than religious, and it doesn’t matter how big or how small they are either. I've seen homes with entire rooms dedicated to meditation, yoga and movement, to just small corners, which is what this blog is more baed on. But when I lived in Thailand, I myself built and entire room dedicated to yoga, stretching, my love of music, and just kicking back with a guitar and sitting on the floor, but now in Vancouver, I’ve settled for just a small zen zone in a corner of the bedroom.

The first rule is simple. There really are no rules, only what I call considerations.

Your zen zone is your zen zone. It can be whatever you want. Modern, traditional, cheesy, focused on a theme like music, travel, film, or art, anything, just make sure it’s all about you. However, it should be in a place that allows you to relax and get into a flow state, and not a space to overwhelm or excite you. Think stress free.