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barbells to buddhas

the ultimate fat loss program for busy, driven guys who want to 
ditch the dad bod
gain energy
boost strength

welcome to my leaner, stronger, 
better mens vip coaching program

The LAST EVER fat loss program that you will need! 

Designed for busy, on-the-go, driven men who want get in the BEST SHAPE OF THEIR LIVES, while still doing and eating the things they love to do.

Hello there, I'm Ror Alexander, mens body transformation coach, personal trainer, and international lifestyle expert & speaker. And I am here to help you do one thing REALLY well: Ditch Your Dad Bod For Life!

Now at 47 years old, I can tell you this without question "it is NEVER too late to have the body, adventures, experiences, and life you have always dreamed of. But it also makes ZERO sense to keep waiting". And believe me, I tell you this from experience ( + a dash of life regret ).

Until my 30's I wasn't living a life worth talking about. Skinny fat. Minimum wage jobs. Bad relationships. Beat up used cars, chasing fad diet after diet, new workout plan after new workout. Just trying to find something that could fill the bored, disillusioned, ground hog day life I was living. 

Then finally at the age of 37, I finally had enough! I sold my shit. Packed a bag, and jumped on one way plane to Asia. And since doing that my body and life has been an epic adventure and amazing ride. And now I can help yours be one too!

Over 90% of guys who try to lose the weight, ditch their dad bods, and as I say say "live leaner, stronger, longer, and a hell of a LOT better will fail!

Sad, but true...

Not my amazing body (and in turn life) transformation clients!

They ALL reach their goals, and often together we go on to 
crush even more new ones.

But hey dude, don't take my words for it. Take a look at their results.


Screen Shot 2023-02-15 at 9.31.42 AM.jpg

LOST 20 POUNDS in under 90 Days


Alan is a video game designer working on some of the worlds top video games including The Witcher series. He had NEVER worked out a day in his life, and came to me with a goal of losing "about 20 pounds". Not only did we hit that in just 9o days, but Alan also entered his first ever Gym Back Squat Heaviest Weight Lifted Ever Challenge and successfully hit a heeavier weight that he ever thought he would!



in just 90 Days


Mark came to me (along with his wife) to "lose 25 pounds, so we can start a family and have energy for the new baby. 

90 days later, he wasn't just down 25, but 28!

His wife is pregnant!

And he's now looking to add some "who's your daddy muscle, to his new energized body!



in just 4 short months (and at 53 years old)


David has a BIG goal of getting a really nice Captain America costume, and attending Comic Cons with his teenage daughter (a passion the both share). David is a big comic book and movie fan, and was feeling like crap when he met his favorite celebrities like Smallvilles Tom Welling (who also was a client so mine coincidentally). 

Now David feels and looks like the "super  man" he wanted to be.




Carlos has been an amazing client, and has become a very good friend. Once weighing in at just near 285, and with quite the confidence issues (he has ZERO before pics FYI due to this). 


Well he now is rocking the gym, hitting over 300lb on his back squat (his performance goal just so you know was to "one day maybe squat 200"), and enjoying fun and exciting experiences like sauna's, ice dips, and much more while working hard on his career as a computer animator. 



in just 90 Days


Peter, 52 years old, is yet another "I don't have any before pics" guy, but what he did have was a BIG vision of the man and father he wanted to be for his wife, kids, and eventually grandkids.  

In just about 75 days we hit his goal, and over the next 15 days we moved well beyond it! And Peter was caught on camera pushing a 600 pound sled at his gym! yes, 600 pounds!

Are You Ready My Friend?

Apply Now For Your NO PRESSURE,

'First 5 Pounds Strategy Call' with Ror.


1. Apply Below

Use the application box below. If you get accepted, you will be contacted via email by Ror Alexander to set up a live 1-on-1 call. NOT all applications are accepted. Please be 100% honest, and detailed, only Ror will see your answers.

2. Failure to respond to my return messages in decent time will be accepted as a "not interested" and you will lose your acceptance.

3. Once we have spoken, and agree to work together, I will begin your personalized consult. Each clients needs are different and packages will vary.

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