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Boost Production I Creativity I Revenue

Healthy Employees. Happy Employees.

Better Business. 

Would you be surprised if I told you "most people don't want to go to work"? Shocking but true (enter sarcasm here). But here's another fact, YOU, yes you, have the power to maybe not quite change that, but make the workplace a place that they may actually enjoy coming too, WHILE you get much more from them, and less sick days. Meaning what? More revenue. 

The Hardware & The Software of Wellness


Ror Alexander has a popular talk he has presented to business owners that he has named the Hardware & the Software Of Wellness. Why? Because just like a computer, the hardware is useless without the software, and the reverse.

You must think of your workplace wellness initiatives in the same way. It is a combination of both the correct hardware; furnishings, lighting, air control, decoration, ease of use, functional attributes, AND the education, motivation, habit development, staff initiatives, accountability of using all of these tools to their optimal levels. 

It is no different really than the many gyms Ror has consulted for around the world, where the gyms installed the latest and greatest of equipment, but provide zero training to the staff or customers on how to use it. What happens? It gets unused, dusty, rusty, and sold a few year later for pennies on the dollar. 

Our Health By Design Wellness Workplace Consulting will ensure this doesn't happen to you. 

What People Want

Connection to Others. Freedom of Choice. Personalized Customization. Tribe. Private (focus) / Team (collaborate). 

Water Purifier & Glass

Improve Creativity

Even the cleanest water often hides many issues. Let us help you find and eliminate them.

5 Senses + 3 more

proprioception. vestibular. empathic empathic

Reduce Stress

By combining the wisdom of the ancient east with the science of the modern west, you can create empowering spaces that will finally have you feeling rested, relaxed, and refreshed. Whether you're into meditation, yoga, or just quiet solitude, we can create a space that speaks to you.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 6.07.33 PM.png

Increase Focus

In ancient feng shui and Indian vastu it's said that "the kitchen is the nourishment centre of the home". In modern times, we say "abs are uncovered in the kitchen". Either way, designing a no fail kitchen with the goals of helping you keep the pounds off while nursing body and mind optimally is my #1 key to a long healthspan. The 3 Kitchen Principles: Green, Clean, and Nourishing. 

Create a Space Your Employees WANT To Be At.

Nearly all people misunderstand the importance of maximizing movement, both exercise and even more importantly non-exercise when it comes to lasting weight loss and wellness measures such as blood sugar balancing, circulation, balance and mobility. 


A Home designed to improve both passive movement or NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) as well as active, focused exercise is a hallmark of those who succeed and thrive in their weightless and health journey, and those who fail. From complete home strength and cardio gyms, to simple stretching and mobility areas, we will design you a home to master movement. At Health By Design, we simply refer to this philosophy as MŪV.


Decrease Sick Days

Over 60% of North Americans (and most other westernized countries) report some sort of sleep issues, from difficulty falling asleep, to staying asleep, to sleep apnea, to waking up feeling groggy and foggy. And many turn to harsh and long term non-effective sleep medications. But with some simple sleep architecture and habit changes, your sleep can be dramatically improved. Fat loss, energy, focus, detoxification, building muscle, and career success, it's all a matter of better sleep. 

EMF Mitigation

EMFs are an invisible yet potentially dangerous aspect of modern living, EMFs include wifi, dirty electricity and magnetic radiations. Let us assess your EMF home. 

Work Desk

Air Quality

The average person breathes 11,000 litres of air a day. make sure it's the cleanest air possible. 


Building Biologist Jasen Mazek will do a complete analysis of your water, air, and EMF concerns

Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 9.37.17 AM.jpg


Ror Alexander will help you clean your home of toxins that affect your body and health, as well as helping you purge your kitchen of junk foods, restock new foods. Master N.E.A.T. and home gym / workout program design. Sleep Architecture, recovery and more.

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