As an integrated functional health consultant, I have 3 simple goals, to help you Live Stronger. Live Longer. Live Better. But before we can do that, you may want to to know a little about me first.


Also known as “The Wellness Architect” I am an internationally known healthy living expert, and host of the Health By Design Podcast, as well as founder of thrive Academy.

I had my own health television show in Thailand, and have been published in a number of print publications spanning the globe, and am a contributing writer to a number of health, fitness and lifestyle magazines.


My health & wellness journey has literally taken me to the other side of the world. Leaving Canada to move to Asia with only a little over $1,000 to my name, no credit cards, nor job prospects, nowhere to live, I set out to find what solutions I could to many of our modern wester health issues; obesity, chronic disease, anxiety, depression, and sadly that list is only growing.


Over those many years I travelled throughout all of ancient Asia; from the Buddhist temples of Myanmar and Thailand, through mysterious China. The beautiful paddies and beaches of Indonesia, to the Feng Shui designed skyscrapers of Hong Kong, to the meditation and Ayurvedic retreats, mountains and valleys of India. All of this to find some answers.

I felt that whole health wasn't látte-caramel protein powders, nor kale salad wraps, nor body numbing high intensity workouts, and superficial Hollywood yoga, or many others of these simplified and often silly western concepts. But through Eastern thought and practices I discovered the philosophies of light/dark, hot /cold, masculine/feminine power, meditation, authentic Eastern wellness practices, the importance of community, spices and herbs, being satisfied with less, the power of social connection, embracing nature, and so much more. 


Saying this however, I cannot deny that the western world has done an excellent job in scientific research. We have discovered invisible toxins that can lead to disease & disfunction, have the best technology for learning and tracking, and are tops when it comes to exercise science and the pursuit of truth, but I'm happy to see we are now finally accepting the many benefits of things the East has known about for millennia. We are now comprehending the impacts of technologies on our health (both good and bad), the literal life & death impacts of our daily nutritional practices, the numerous causes of inflammation, the über importance of gut health, and how our static, modern lifestyles are affecting our longevity, healthspan, happiness, and so much more.


Yet ironically, even knowing all of this, we are not getting better. We are getting worse. Around the globe preventable chronic disease, mood disorders and obesity are growing each day. Everything from cancers, depression, anxiety, loneliness, isolation, obesity, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimers, type 2 diabetes, and the list goes on, and on, and on... 


I think the time has come for us to take control and "Design Our Health", and I'm here to help you do that".


Discover all the great things that can happen to your life after you get all the tools you need when the wisdom of the Ancient East meets the knowledge of the Modern West.

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