As an integrative weight loss and health coach, I have 3 simple goals, to help you Live Stronger. Live Longer. Live Better. But before we can do that, you may want to to know a little about me first.


For over 20 years I have been helping people get fitter, healthier, and yes, even happier!

I had my own health/fitness TV show in Thailand, have been published in a number of print publications spanning the globe, and am a contributing writer to a number of health, fitness and lifestyle magazines.


My health & wellness journey has literally taken me to the other side of the world. I moved to Asia with only a little over $1,000 to my name, no credit cards, no job prospects, no where to live, but I set out to find what solutions I could to our modern western health issues; obesity, chronic disease, anxiety, depression, and sadly here, that list is still growing...


But over those many years of travelling throughout all of ancient Asia, from China to India, and everywhere in the middle, with my goal of learning all I could from these ancient cultures, and adding it to my in-depth health and fitness education from the west.

And I'm proud to say I have done just that. And I look forward too coaching with you to help guide you to reach new levels of health, wellness and fitness. 

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