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From Hollywood to Hong Kong, Film & TV, to Cages. 




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Ror Alexander is a lifestyle coach focused on helping clients create a life of ZERO regrets, by helping them finally build the body they want to start to achieve the life they dream of. 

After decades of living paycheck to paycheck, having to consistently look in his bank account to see "if I could afford a lunch or even coffee with a friend", and spending years in the gym and still never building any real muscle. He one day decided: "Enough was enough! My life sucks".

So with only $1,000 in his bank, he said "forget this", dumped his car, got out of a very toxic relationship, sold everything he owned, ditched his apartment, quit his jobs, and bought a 1-way plane to Hong Kong.

No job prospects. No credit cards. No back up plans. And no clue about visas.

Just armed with a burning desire to finally "live a life worth living".

This monumental decision changed his life trajectory forever:  

Meditating with monks in Thailand. Trekking Holy mountains in India. Teaching CrossFit in Indonesia. Coaching and training with the worlds top Muay Thai / MMA Fight teams and athletes throughout Asia. Training both Hollywood and international celebrities. To discovering all manners of eastern wellness secrets, biohacking, and lifestyles.

Now Ror helps clients all over the world start to, as he says, "Live Leaner, Stronger, Longer, and a heck of a lot Better". 


see. try. do

REGRETS suck, so don't have any!

Zen Garden

feng shui

"Putting some funk
into feng shui"


Ror interviewing contemporary feng shui master Thierry Chow in Hong Kong during his 'Feng Shui" tour.



I had always been interested in inspirational design, as well as what it was I could do to help empower me towards my goals without the constant need for a reliance on will power. But it wasn't until I lived and travelled through Asia and India that I realized the power our spaces have over our behaviours and actions. 

At the same time as I was travelling I was working with clients all over the world, and a few things just started to come together and I started making connections that I had never thought of. My education in psychology rom McMaster University, with my expanding need to dial in clients behavioural change, along with my very keen interest in the new science of functional medicine, and finally my immersion and research into traditional wellness practices like TCM, Indian Ayurveda / Vastu, Chinese Feng Shui, Japanese forest bathing, and the more modern practices of functional medicine, biophilic design, and wellness architecture. 

This "hurricane" of experience + knowledge + just being immersed in these practices daily, quickly lead me to seeing the extreme interconnection of all of these practices, how they are all interrelated, and in many case are all the same sciences` with just different terminology and expression of ideas.


For example an argument can easily be made that a modern doctor of 'functional medic' is basically a westernized "Ayurvedic doctor, or TCM doctor". Sharing many of the same believes, values, principles, and concepts, with just different practices yet often arriving to similar conclusions. and diagnosis.

I also started to connect the more so called "modern" discoveries of things like the circadian rhythm, barefoot grass earthing, biophilic design, were and are, all merely new descriptions of many ancient practices performed all over the East.  And this is how I came to create my own system of environmental respect, manipulation, and optimization that I came to name Funktional Feng Shui, a very westernized approach to spacial design influenced by my education, experience and understanding of all these aspects, and more, but with a bit of "funk" tossed in.  

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