Design Your Home: Your Environment is Your Health

I can tell you this without question. I truly believe that true, life long health starts and is rooted firmly in the home. I also believe that the main reason we have so much ill health today is that we both spend too much time away from home, and when we are home, we are not using our homes to even close to their maximum ability and design.

As you may know, recently I moved back to Vancouver Canada, after spending the last 7 years travelling around Asia living for extended periods in many countries spanning the entire continent, and my longing for my blueprint of the optimal healthy home was a big part of that. As I travelled through Asia I learned many things regarding health, emotional control, lifestyle, yet I often found myself longing for a place to truly call home, a place where I could make my personal definition of a healthy home a reality, and for me that was returning to the west coast of Canada.

A number of factors influenced this decision; water, temperature, air quality, quality of living, quality of people, quality of business partners, quality of foods, quality of cooking and food storage, hobbies, and many more things. However, it was important to me that I also brought back the lessons and aspects of traditional Asian life that I feel we are needing and include that into my home and lifestyle. Whether through my studies in Chinese Feng Shui, or Indian Vaastu Shastra, introductions to religious practices like Buddhism, and Hinduism, practices like Indian and Buddhist meditation and Rusei Datton (Thai Yoga) through cultures like traditional Japanese, or even SE Asian daily living. But also combining it with my knowledge of the practical health/environment sciences like human movement, biophilic design, green design, and even simple chemistry and biology. And this is all refleceted in large parts within my home, which I truly believe is your emotional, physical and spiritual center.

One of the first things you need to realize is that your environments truly do reflect you and your current place in life. This is NOT some foo-foo talk here, this is literally objectionably obersvaetional. Have you ever met a person with a messy car? Food wrappers left all over the place. Open wrappers and garbage al over the seats and floor? Now, where they health freaks? Where they even what we could consider remotely healthy? Also, where they successful in their endeavours? A great job, financially secure? Did they dress well? Probably not. Most of these people, and I have known A LOT in my time (I was even one of them once, be it not to the level I've often seen) tended to have no real goals or passions they are working towards, work part time at best, or work in jobs that one would consider pretty low level. The car was a reflection of them. Chaotic, messy, not caring, and I can promise you their houses are the same.