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The latest movement (pardon the pun) in wellness and physical movement is reducing the amount of traditional 90 degree sitting in your home, or small ways to have you stand and move more, and there is no better pace to start than by trying to rethink the types of furnishings we use in our home and work places. From full out no-furniture homes, to active works stations, to simple yoga, movement, and meditation areas. From moving more, improving mobility, getting more functional in your day to day, is truly a game changer.

However to many, the idea of these kinds of spaces bring up mental images of empty, sparse homes, or broke college kids with lame beer stained bean bag cushions thrown around common areas, and an old twin mattress being tossed on the floor. But nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, if we look both around the world for traditional inspiration and into the wellness designs of many modern designers, we can find a huge amount of amazing pieces and even some very high end luxury furniture companies getting on board the movement inspired, less western traditional furnishings bandwagon.

From boho Bali, to corporate Silicon Valley, let me take you on an inspirational journey of functional furnishings that may have you rethinking your home (and other spaces), feeling loose and limber, and maybe even losing a few stubborn pounds with no effort at all.