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The latest movement (pardon the pun) in wellness and physical movement is reducing the amount of traditional 90 degree sitting in your home, or small ways to have you stand and move more, and there is no better pace to start than by trying to rethink the types of furnishings we use in our home and work places. From full out no-furniture homes, to active works stations, to simple yoga, movement, and meditation areas. From moving more, improving mobility, getting more functional in your day to day, is truly a game changer.

However to many, the idea of these kinds of spaces bring up mental images of empty, sparse homes, or broke college kids with lame beer stained bean bag cushions thrown around common areas, and an old twin mattress being tossed on the floor. But nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, if we look both around the world for traditional inspiration and into the wellness designs of many modern designers, we can find a huge amount of amazing pieces and even some very high end luxury furniture companies getting on board the movement inspired, less western traditional furnishings bandwagon.

From boho Bali, to corporate Silicon Valley, let me take you on an inspirational journey of functional furnishings that may have you rethinking your home (and other spaces), feeling loose and limber, and maybe even losing a few stubborn pounds with no effort at all.

Below I will go over three categories, keeping you on your toes (more standing and movement), on your butt (functional sitting), and lying down.

* Not all items will have accompanying images, feel free to Google any you are interested in.

Keep’in You On Your Toes

Staying on your feet more is a great way to get in a few extra steps, burn some extra calories, and just feel quite a bit better at the end of the day.

Lean Seats - a great way yo stay active yet relaxed at the same time. You can take a bit of the load off, but you still need to be more active.


Standing Desks: Personally I use Anthrodesk standing desk and ergonomic pieces and love them, but there are many standing desks options to choose from today.


Under Desk Treadmills: You may as well get some steps in while your workinging or Zoom conferencing, so an under the standing desk treadmill is a double whammy! Athrodesk also now carries these as well.


River Rock Mat: Working your toes and feet muscles/nerves is a must in our shoe centric culture.


Naboso Mats & Flooring: Designed and created by leading global podiatrist and barefoot living leader Dr. Emily Splichal, this unique floor tool will help with your balance and propreocption. From weight training, to yoga, to standing at your desk, they have a Naboso product for your needs. From whole rooms, to just personal use and travel.


Black Board or White Board Walls for kids (and adults): A great way to get your kids or yourself artistic, writeable walls will have you standing instead of sitting. Also great for writing messages, to do lists, or reminders.


Bar Height Coffee/Kitchen Table: You get up in the morning, just to sit right back down don’t you? Why bother! Just drink your coffee, and watch the morning news or YouTube at your bar height kitchen table.

Also check out Reflexology/Acupressure Mats, DeskView Portable Standing Desk.

On Your Butt

While we may be our our butts, these pieces are going to promote more moving, or help you get into positions that can improve your mobility and flexibility. Make sure to check out my previous blog called “My 7 Functional Sitting Patterns” to get some ideas on how to get more movement and mobility into your sitting.

Maglis - One of my favourite eclectic furnishings, these are popular throughout Asia, Turkey, India and the Middle East.


Mah Jong Sofa by Roche Bobis: East truly meets west with this unique sofa design with its philosophy of “living at ground level”. A truly designer collection where a sofa meets functionality. Low profile, and promotes sitting in many positions. These also tend to be very eclectic and allow you tor really get creative in design.


Floor cushions, zafus and zabutons: Probably the simplest and most dynamic and colourful ways to get down onto the floor. These come in counties sizes, materials, colours and styles. No wellness home is complete with out a few choice floor cushions.


The Soul Seat by Ikaria: Take your “sitting" to a whole new level of mobility with the Soul Seat, for home or office.


Med Seat by Alexia: This unique seat can be used from everything from your meditations, to coffee or tea, to binging on NetFlix.


Big Joe Bean Bags: The leaders in bean bag seats, Big Joe will have something for you, no matter what your age.


Flow Desk by Ikaria: Again, Ikaria brings us a great piece of low profile furniture that will have you practicing my 7 Sits in no time. Use on the floor, or to create a make shift standing desk.


Reforest Design Sustainable Functional Furniture - These guys take functional furniture serious, while at the same time preserving forests and reducing furniture waste. 100% bamboo low tables and floor seating.


Under Desk Cycles: I find these a bit cheesy, but can’t deny they will have you moving more. Just keep your eyes open for a good quality one. They are often very flimsy and poorly made. Check out


Venn Design Air Chair: Evolving the old exercise ball to a new classy level.


Squatty Potty: If you have ever been through old Asia, India and Europe you have no doubt come across the “hole in the floor toilets”. Now you can improve your mobility and your pooping with a Squatty Potty.

Other options to check out: Swiss Balls, Hindi Meditation Seats, Poufs, Ottomans, Japanese Dining tables.

Flat Out

Being able to get up from the ground is a key to long lasting health, and even can be used as a measure of mortality (see stand up mortality test). And of course, being on the floor also allows you to engage in a huge range of stretches and positions (see my post on My 7 Sits positions).

Yoga Mats: A staple of any floor or ground sitting.


Bunk Beds for the Kids: Get stronger by having to climb at and down at least twice a day.


Shag Rug: The perfect flooring for lying down to do some laptop work, or read a book.


Low Profile or Japanese Inspired Beds: Getting up from a low position is great for your health and body. Try to get the most low profile bed as possible.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to help you move more and be more active in your day to day life, at home or at work. With 88% of Americans suffering from some level of metabolic disorder, a few of these ideas may go a long way in your long term health care.

Feel free to comment below, and add any ideas you may have, or what in this blog you liked best.


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