The Big 3 Reasons Your Sleep Sucks

With all the bio-hack talk about blue light, and simple home hacks for setting up your bedroom for the “perfect sleep”, you would think that with only a few simple lighting changes and turning down the AC by a few degrees all our our sleep problems would be a thing of the past. But the truth is, this is not even close to the case, and in this part 1 of 2 blog I’m going to be discussing the BIG 3 reasons I have found for people to not sleep well, and in part 2, what we can do to start to fix these for a better sleep tonight.

So what are the BIG 3 Sleep issues, well that’s a bit of a mislead, as it's actually 3 BIG categories, in which a number of variables fall into place, but the 3 big are;

  • Environmental

  • Physiological

  • Psychological

And here’s the tricky part, they are far from mutually exclusive. For an easy example, think of stepping on a tack. The tack is environmental, it’s something outside of your body. Once you step on the tack, your sensory system sends a message from the impact point to the brain that something is wrong, that’s physiological, and your brain then registers pain, discomfort, unease, disturbance, and you react, that’s the psychological. So you can see there is often a blending of these 3, and the same is true when it comes to our sleep.