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Design Your Nutrition: Cold Brew Infusions (CBI)

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

Depending where you are in the world, a cup of cold brew coffee may not seem to high up on your list, but believe me, it should be, especially if packed with some body boosting infusions.

Coffee has had a strange past, demonized in the 80's, revitalized in the 90’s and idolized in the 2000’s. Now in 2018, coffee has become a common place Superfood, but of course with that comes the search for the next great cup a' coffee.

So what do we have to choose from now?

Well we have at least a few makes to make a great cup. The French press, the gold filter drip coffee, my favorite the Vietnamese coffee drip press. We can’t forget the Indonesian coffee Kopi Luwak which I would often enjoy living in Indonesia, which needs an honorable mention.

This leads us to iced coffees which hit Starbucks in the early/mid 2000’s, high fat coffee (of which I think is a bit of a silly trend), leading us to cold brew, leading to Nitro Brew Coffee, and now, the amazing Cold Brew Infusions.

Hold on. You don’t make Cold Brew Infusions? It’s time you did!

First, what is a cold brew coffee you ask? It’s simply taking a coarse grind coffee, and letting it soak in cold water for 18 – 24 hours. Allowing all the oils and flavor to infuse into the water. But it doesn’t stop there. We need to add so body boosting infusions!

Added Boosts

While your coffee and water is steeping, you may as well add in some health and boosting flavors in there as well.

Some of my favourite Options:

1. A crushed cinnamon stick or even just powdered cinnamon

2. Orange peels

3. Blueberries or blackberries.

4. Cayenne Pepper

5. Cocoa Nibs

6. Coconut meat chunks

** Make sure to clean your peels or fruits with a great pesticide/wax wash like EatCleaner

Health benefits of Infusion Cold Brew Coffee

1. Cold brew has ALL the same antioxidant and health benefits of normal hot coffee

2. Cold brew teand to be less acidic, so people with stomach or teeth issues may find it feels better for them.

3. People sensitive to caffeine rejoice. Cold brew has about 30% less caffeine on average.

4. Depending on what infusions you use, you get the extra boosts of whatever you are using. For example, cinnamon can help balance blood sugars, blueberries are packed with antioxidants, and often fruit peels are the most nutrient packed part of the fruit. For example: Orange peels pack in 2X as much vitamin C as the inside with higher concentrations of riboflavin, B6, magnesium, calcium and potassium. The peel's flavonoids is also packed with anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

I hope you enjoy your new Cold Brew Infusions. And please share this article if you liked it.



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