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Design Your Movement - 13 Ways to Move More.

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

We have really turned off our bodies. We have literally turned off a number of mechanisms that help us stay healthy long term, so it should come as no surprise when the western world scores terribly on flexibility and mobility testing. We basically have only 3 positions we regularly move through in modern life; sitting, standing, and lying in a big soft bed. I have written a couple articles recently about this dilemma, but people have been asking me for more tips on how we can help correct this

Below I have a bakers dozen of ideas, some are easy to do now, some will require a trip to Ikea or Amazon.

1. Take more walks. Simple. Take a walk in the morning. Walk to the grocery store. Walk to get your coffee.

2. Take a tip from the Japanese or Asian cultures in general. In countries all throughout Asia many people still sit on the floor nearly all the time. A Japanese dining table will have you sitting either cross legged or in a kneeling position.

3. Another tip rom the Japanese, who by the way live the longest on earth. Use a ground level futon bed, a harder bed that requires you to get low, and pretty much crawl out.

4. While you're sitting, you might as well use a Squatty Potty anyways. Maybe I should brand mine the "Squat Stools", LOL.

5. While you're hanging out barefoot, you should try rolling out the feet. It has been shown to help improve flexibility, and stress release.

6. The feet have over 7'000 nerve endings, so get them all stimulated with a River Rock Mat.

7. Try out a squat / cross leg desk.

8. Check out some Yoga Toes. Shoes have literally F'd up our feet! These will help bring some fluidity, balance and strength back to your feet and toes.

9. The Chinese love their Reflexology paths. Easy to build, and some local parks may have one.

10. Try out a calf wedge, it allows you to get a great stretch while you stand.

11. My personal invention. the Ass 2 Grass Squat Stool. Use it as often as you can.

12. Invest in a Sit to stand desk.

13. Sitting at your desk? Use a Swiss Ball.

So there you have it, 13 ways to get more mobile and less static throughout you day. Let me know what you think.

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