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Creatine & TOTAL Health For Men

Have you heard about creatine? It's a natural substance that can help you build muscle, improve your brain function, and stay healthy as you get older. Creatine is found in your muscles and helps your body create more ATP, which gives you energy when you exercise.

To get the benefits of creatine, you can take it as a supplement. The suggested dosage is usually between 3-5 grams per day. You can take this all at once or spread it out throughout the day. However, personally being 6 foot 4, and in a weight gaining cycle, I am currently taking 10g a day broken up between early morning dose, and post workout (5g each).

Some people find that taking creatine before or after exercise works best. This is because it can help your muscles work better and grow bigger. Studies have shown that creatine can increase muscle strength and mass, especially in people who do strength training exercises like weight lifting.

But creatine isn't just for people who want to build muscle. Studies have suggested that creatine can also help your brain work better. It can improve your memory and how fast you think. This is because creatine can help your brain produce more ATP, which is important for brain function.

In fact, one study found that taking creatine supplements improved memory and thinking skills in young adults. Another study found that creatine supplements helped older adults with mild cognitive impairment, which is a condition where people have a harder time remembering things and thinking clearly.

Creatine may also be helpful for older people who want to stay active and healthy. As we get older, our muscles naturally get weaker and smaller. This can make it harder to do everyday activities and increase the risk of falls and injuries. However, studies have shown that creatine supplements can increase muscle strength and function in older adults, particularly those who are less active.

Remember, creatine isn't a magic pill. It won't make you stronger or smarter overnight, and it won't work for everyone. It's just one tool that you can use to help you achieve your goals.

In conclusion, if you're interested in taking creatine, talk to your doctor to figure out the right amount and timing for you. With the right dosage and timing, creatine can help you build muscle, improve your brain function, and stay healthy as you get older.

Some general tips:

  1. Just use creatine monohydrate, other forms are just a waste of money IMO.

  2. You do NOT need to take with huge amounts of sugar, in fact I just often take mine in either warm water + lemon, or in my protein. shake.

  3. You do NOT need to "load" it. Just use consistently.

  4. As far a s cycling it? There is no evidence you need to, but I do anyways. Typically I follow 8 weeks on followed by 4-6 weeks off.

  5. Drink lots of water during your creatine cycle. I suggest at least 2-3L a day.

Have you tried creatine? Let me know.

I'll be honest I have tried creatine many times, and it hasn't worked well for me. BUT I also know now my training wasn't great (I was exercising and not training, yes there is a BIG difference), and I have always sucked at getting in good amounts of water, something I am now fixing.

Personally, I believe if you have tried creatine in the past, it's worth a revisit, IF you do it right.



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