Design Your Focus: 9 Tips to Create a Home Zen Zone

People are stressed. You're stressed, your family is stressed, your boss is stressed (and stresses you), your coworkers, your neighbors, heck even your dog is probably stressed. And we all need a place where we can regroup, recharge and refocus. If you think about it, we have a place for cooking, watching TV, sleeping, and going to the washroom, yet very few of us have cut out a little sliver of our home for recharging and regrouping. A space that can make you feel relaxed, and at peace just by looking at it, and a place you may utilyze to reap the benefits of mindfulness and purposeful focus.

In traditional Indian Vaastu (the original Feng Shui) the prayer area, or Pooja Room is THE MOST important area of the house, and often can take the center of the home. This area is considered a sacred space and has a number of rules one should follow to optimize its energies. However for our uses, we can slack on these rules, and just use the idea of a Pooja Room as an inspiration for our meditation area or what I call your Zen Zone.

Traditional Indian Pooja Room

1. Keep it as simple as you want.

I need to state this clearly! A meditation area does not need to be complex or huge. In fact, it should be fun project to set up and bring you joy designing it. It doesn't make sense to get stressed while setting up your destress area, as you will always remember the difficulty in setting it up, and a negative energy may remain.