7 Ways to Digi Detox & Declutter Your Life

By now I’m sure you’re aware that all this social media and attachment to technology isn’t good for us. You know that you don’t need your phone in bed, in the washroom, in your hand when in a 3 minute line up. You know you don’t need 3 – 10 screens of apps, and a desktop piled with files and folders.

You know that all that mindless scrolling is a waste of time, you know you will live if your heaven forbid ‘bored’ for 10 minutes. You know you don’t need the 24 – 7 connections to the digital world and everyone who demands their 30 seconds of your time.

But here’s the thing…

You’re still doing it!

Now I could go into the studies. The studies on depression. The studies on anxiety. The studies on lack of passion. The studies on wasted hours. The lost potentials. The studies on t