How Nutrition Affects YOUR DNA

Discover the intersection of what you eat and your genes

The Intersection of Food and DNA

Empower Your Genetic Health with What You Eat

People have no idea how what they eat affects them at the genetic level, and how genes affect our eating. The 2 concepts are closer to a Pisces symbol of a 2 fish forever circling each other, than the lines we have made them into.

One of the top trends from the 2019 Wellness Summit (the biggest wellness and health summit globally) named Personalized Nutrition as one of the top wellness trends to move us into the future. 

In this powerful keynote I will go over many of the key genes, key nutrients, personalized differences, concepts and latest findings that will empower your health. 

What Will I Discover?

Food is not just calories, it is information,  genetic information, natures software, that our bodies can use to build, or to destroy. Food can cure disease or causes disease. The way we prep food can boost its value, or destroy its value. Now you can discover some of the key concepts you can start to use today to empower your health.  



  • Learn which commonly missing nutrients control from 500 - 1000 genes and hormones.

  • Learn how what you eat can help you live longer, or die sooner.

  • Learn how your diet can affect your future family that may not even be conceived yet.

  • Learn simple lifestyle tips to boost your fat loss, muscle gain.

  • Learn how to naturally boost brain power with no gimmicks or memory tricks.

  • Discover what nutrients you probably need and the best ways to get them.

  • Learn how to turn genes on and off.

  • Learn how how you cook is just as important as what you cook for your long term health.

  • Discover the key areas you can now have access to to take 100% control of your health. 

  • Discover how to optimize your master antioxidants for better health. 


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