Nature Vs Man

Win the Battle of tech vs nature

Biohacking has taken the world by storm. From wearable tech, short cuts to health, ridiculous exercise machines or pods, and supplements that promise us we don't need real food, and every other way we van imagine to “beat nature”. But we should have learned by now, nature can’t be beat. However, nature can be reasoned with, and nature can be molded to our modern lifestyle.

In this keynote, I will go over the many FREE ways to can start to improve our health, fitness, happiness and wellness today. But it doesn’t stop there.

I will also go into details on how we can bring nature with us using bio-hacks and health tweaks that make sence, depending on our situations, and showcase many of the modern tools that will make our lives Stronger, Longer and Better. From Ayriveda and Chinese Medicine, to medical science, to biophilic techniques, to circadian rhythm mastery, to temperature exposure. Many cutting edge topics will be taught.  

nature hacks / hack natures

Live Naturally & Natural Tech to Improve Your Life

What Will I Discover?

In this short but powerful workshop, you will discover many ways to bring the power of nature into your home though modern and contemporary biophilic design foundations to suit even the smallest home, even if you're renting.  



  • Besides being the hippest modern trend setter amongst your friends, you will also discover;

  • The use of water, green, wood and rock features indoors

  • The FREE power of the sun

  • Natural sounds to soothe the mind

  • Perfect your circadian rhythm for better sleep and more energy

  • Discover how to turn body fat into energy.

  • Boost brain health with no exercise.

  • Reduce hypertension

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Decrease cortisol

  • Decrease stress

  • Reduced blood pressure

  • Reduce resting heart rate

  • Improve happiness

  • Improve ability to focus

  • Increase productivity

  • A personal environment for increasing prosperity 

  • Increase ability to focus

  • Increase physical and mental energy

  • Improve sleep

  • Decrease in depression or aggression (great for Type A personalities)

  • Discover what exact natural compound found in nature  boost our immunity and disease fighting cells

  • How to bring Environmental Medicines into your home and office for added health benefits

  • How to add aromatherapies into your Biophilia for an added brain, body and immunity boost

  • Mineral bath benefits


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