Why is it still so hard for me to lose weight?

Why does the gym not work for me as well as it should?

Why does it seem so hard to make the changes I need to?

Why can't I stick to my new habits?

Why do I feel like I'm stuck in a rut?

Why don't things go better for me?

What do I always feel so run down all the time?

Why am I always so bored and uninspired?

No doubt you have. With obesity, chronic illness and mental disorders rising across the planet, we are all asking ourselves these same questions.

But there are solutions

Western science is finally meeting up with many of the ancient

health & wellness principles and traditions of the East. 

The Ancient East has been long telling us that our environments contain energies that affect us in 3 particular ways; health & wellbeing, relationships, success.

Now by fusing eastern wellness concepts & modern health sciences we are learning how our environments, our daily habits and the everyday items we use are deteriorating our health every day without us ever knowing it. 


Feng Shui: The Art of Wellness Science

The ancient old practices of Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra (a sister of Ayurveda) are ancient arts of subtle manipulation of our personal environments  to bring us in harmony with our surroundings.


The power of our personal environments cannot be overstated. More and more we are realizing that our homes and work places are not optimized to help us reach our goals, and in fact in many cases are actually acting as barriers to our ultimate health, prosperity and happiness.   

Medical Sciences Confirms This

In the last few years there has been a new movement in health & fitness, a movement is a result of the failures of our recent past. 


Studies have proven again and again that as gym memberships increase, so does community obesity rates.

Global obesity & overweight is over 2.1 billion people.

In the Western world, we are working harder, sicker longer, and dying sooner!

Alzheimers, depression and cognitive disorders are on a sharp rise.

Depression is at an all time high.

We take on average, less than 4'600 steps per day.

We spend the majority of our days in non-functional static positions.

Even though we are more connected we have never felt more alone.

Stress is considered the cause of nearly all chronic diseases.

Cancers will affect close to 1 of 2 people, and it will touch your life in one way or another.

Chronic PREVENTABLE diseases are the #1 killers in all countries.


Hold on, did you catch that last part?

These are all considered preventable


We just have to know how to put the pieces together.




Home: Sanctuary of Your Body, Mind & Spirit


Discover - Functional Feng Shui

The issue we tend to have when speaking about Feng Shui and Vaastu is the terminology as it is largely "mystic or magic talk". However, by taking those ideas and principles, and placing them into modern language and modern scientific medical and health concepts, we can see we are really discussing one and the same.

A Couple Simple Examples:

Feng Shui Concept #1

Feng Shui discusses the importance of following the sun for our health.


Modern Health Science Knowledge

We now understand that the source of lights we get throughout the day need to relate to our circadian rhythms and we need to try to emulate the natural spectrums of the sun for hormone balancing, optimal metabolic functioning and better mental and stress recovery/resilience.

Feng Shui Concept #2

In Feng Shui, we need to get rid of clutter in our homes and lives as it will disturb our attentions, dampen our good intentions and lead to lost prosperity leading to a negative energy output from you.

Modern Science Knowledge

Psychology has shown us that when we have a cluttered office or home, our brains receive interfering signals and our concentration and focus suffers, leading to lost productivity and accomplishing important tasks. It also can make us frustrated and leads to higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

So What is Functional Feng Shui?

Using elements and inspirations from both ancient Feng Shui, and Vedic Vastu but with modern knowledge of medical health science, we can now set the motions in place to reverse these health/lifestyle issues and prevent future ones. 

We can start to create prosperity, boost our immunity, improve our lives, and


Design Our Health

The truth is this -

All the answers we need are right in front of us.

They have been for thousands of years.

They come naturally, if we allow them.

They are simple, yet we try to make them complex.

They are doable, yet we don't do them. 

Now you can.

With Functional Feng Shui, we can begin to reverse the damage our lifestyle & modern culture has done to our long-term health.


1. Environment of Passive Movement 

Creating a lifestyle of "movement mindfulness” by using passive movement, is a key longevity and health aspect almost 100% ignored in western culture. 

2. Inspired and Natural Living

Balancing the energies of our environments to inspire us is done in many ways; from understanding the 5 elements, modern nature design and personal decor, to manifesting positive actions through the use of inspirational markers of success and prosperity. 

3. Promote Resilience & Durability

Creating an environment of of both energetic flow and mental calm are overlooked aspect of home and work health.

4. Optimized Biological (Circadian) Rhythms

Following the bodies natural rhythms will boost productivity, focus, weight loss, fight chronic illness, stress release, relaxation and sleep if optimized correctly.


5. Nutrify the Body & Mind

Combining the ancient & time proven methods of eastern holistic traditions with the latests in cutting edge western health nutritional sciences. Cooking/prep methods, food selection, and food storage is included. During coaching you will discover my top 12 SHIFT ingredients, and also get my famous “Kitchen Clean Up’.

6. Organization, Color, Sound & Scent For Mental Optimization

Psychology has shown us that organization, sound, color and scent affects our minds. We need to make sure we are utilizing all these powerful psychological and physiological principles to maximize results.

7. Detox & Never Retox Your Home & Body

Reducing the toxic loads in our homes, both chemical and electronic are important to optimized health, brain health and anti-aging. Air, water, toxins, EMF, light and textiles. This program includes a Foundational Assessment by my affiliate Building Biologist.

8. Separate Yet Together

Understand that the home has the power to make you thrive or make you sink, and that each room serves a particular purpose that we can empower in positive ways. 


Is Now Your Time for Lasting Change?

If the time has time for lasting change...

If you're tired of chasing success with little results...

If you're simply tired of being tired...

Then it's time for design a new home & life!

My Toxic Home Transformation program with wellness architect Ror Alexander will take you through your home, room by room, every nook and cranny to help you boost and maximize the power of your home to create long lasting health, energy, recovery, success, happiness and inspiration.


Health By Design

tune in to the health by design podcast with ror Alexander

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