Your home is literally the place where Health, Success and Happiness are cultured, strengthened and reinforced. And the design and objects within your home can either empower those or destroy those aspects.

Many people have very little idea the power that their home and other personal environments have on their health, success and happiness. 

From clutter, uninspired energy, the wrong foods, invisible stressors, and little focus on passive yet life changing simple movement.

But this can easily be fixed

You can empower your home.

You can empower your workplace.

You can empower your life.

You can take control of your health, happiness and success.


Some Important Health Facts

The air in your home is up to 10 times worse than outside air.

Our water has countless toxins that we are exposed to each day.

That something as simple as a daily shower can fill our bodies with toxins.

The lights in our homes are leading to weight gain, increase disease risks, Alzheimers risk, moodiness and depression.

Invisible energy is damaging our long term health and our childrens health.

Common household cleaners are making our kids fatter, lowering IQ, and increasing immunity disorders.

Uninspired environments are blocking our hopes for success in happiness in both health and career.

Our lack of simple movement is leading to a world growing obesity epidemic, and the gym is NOT fixing this

Many “safe” cookwares are filling our bodies with toxins and heavy metals.

The way we cook or store foods are leading to inflammation, cancer, obesity, diabetes, cognitive disorders, and heart disease.


You Have the Power To Fix it All

You just need to know how. And with a bit of guidance, you can empower your home and life to reach all your goals, no matter how big or small.

Through my exclusive Clean Home, Green Home, Dream Home Transformation Program we will transform your home into a sanctuary of harmony, balance, success, health and happiness.

Inspiring and empowering you in career, family, business, body, mind and spirit.

All you have to do is reach out to me.


Is Now Your Time for Lasting Change?

If the time has time for lasting change...

If you're tired of chasing success with little results...

If you're simply tired of being tired...

Then it's time to bring in the new and kick out the old.

Consulting with wellness architect & healthy living expert Ror Alexander will take you step by step through you home and workplace, to help you fix all the problems that are stagnating you and your families health, happiness and success.

From the kitchen to the bedroom, laundry to bathroom. Together, we will transform your home into the home you always wanted. 


Only you can Design Your Health



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