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Green Home, Clean Home, Dream Home

Discover Functional Feng Shui

Many people consider their home to be their "safe place". But did you know studies have shown that indoor air pollution can be up to 10 TIMES more toxic than outdoor air? In your home right now, you literally have hundreds of invisible, microscopic toxins, hormone disrupting chemicals, and non-optimal norms of modern western culture  that are wreaking havoc on your health.

Your home could be:

  • Causing you to gain weight regardless of how well you eat or exercise

  • Causing you to lose life energy (Qi), lose potential, lose prosperity

  • Adding to your stress, leading to a number of illness and chronic inflammation

  • Disrupting your sleep, and impacting energy levels

  • Increasing your risks of cancers, dementia, diabetes, cardio vascular disease

  • Your cooking could be causing lung issues and killing your DNA and cells

  • Increasing asthma, or causing asthmatic reactions in your children

  • And MUCH more!

What Will I Discover?

With the knowledge of the right tools, you can easily improve your overall Quality of Life & Health Span for yourself and family.


In this unique, one of a kind workshop you will discover:

  • The top toxins in the modern home

  • How you have probably exposed your self to over a dozen hormone affecting toxins by lunch time!

  • Where these toxins are hiding in your home in products you use EVERYDAY!

  • Additional non-chemical hormone disruptors and how to eliminate them.

  • How to increase your homes health iQ using Qi and Functional Feng Shui.

  • How to decrease your non-static time. A key to a long life.

  • How to create areas in your home to help you destress, and engage in emotional release.

  • Cooking to decrease chronic heath issues.

  • How your bed could be giving your cancer, and how to halt it in its tracks.

  • How electronic pollution affects you health

  • How creating a small indoor herb/sprout garden boosts your health.

  • How to naturally clean your home, clothes, and air.

  • How to optimize your water, and why you NEED to do it!

  • Setting up a simple home gym on a budget with very little space.

  • Many more home health and movement hacks.

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