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Do you want a to build a kick butt body to create a kick butt life to live Stronger, Longer, and Better? (And why the heck wouldn't you)?


Then 'Tap In' and subscribe to Ror Alexander's Barbells To Buddhas podcast. Jam packed with motivation, inspiration, and most importantly actionable information from all corners of the globe. 


Hosted by Ror and his many special guests you don't often hear on other podcasts.


Fitness - Nutrition - Lifestyle - Passion - Purpose - Travel - Experience - Connection - and general Life & Goal Crushin', it's all on Barbells To Buddhas. Apple, Spotify, Google, and most other podcast platforms. 

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Check out Ror Alexander's Barbells To Buddhas YouTube channel, packed with great videos covering topics like nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, travel, wellness, and much more. 

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