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Design Your Fitness For Life

Stay Fit: 30, 40, 50, 60 and Beyond...

It is amazing how little people know about exercising past their latest 20's or 30's, BUT any health professional will tell you the importance of training into your 40s, 50's, 60s, 70's and up. HOWEVER, usually they cannot tell you HOW to do that! Why is this? Well the problem is three fold.


1. The average personal trainer is about 24 years old, and there are very, VERY few fitness professionals older than 40 years old.

2. People in their 30's and up, tend to get injured early into their fitness/health journey, and end up letting go of their exercis habits. 

3. Most people over 35 or 40 have no idea how to work out for their age, and they try to do what they did when they were in their 20's and quickly realise it doesnt work the same. So what do they do? They quit too.

BUT this DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THE WAY! In fact, training as yo get older becomes even MORE IMPORTANT. Preventing bone loss in women, hormone issues in men and women, fat gain, immobility, decreased immune function, balance and premature death. ALL can be avoided by regular INTELLIGENT and age specific exercise.

What Will I Discover?

With the knowledge of the right tools, you can train for the next 2, 3 or even 4 decades. Safely, effectively and easily.

In this unique, one of a kind workshop you will discover:

  • Longevity nutriton secrets of the ancient world.

  • Healthy Pre and Post workout meals.

  • Age appropriate health and muscle supplements.

  • Simple activities & drills to lower stress and heart health destroying hormones. Avoid early cardiovascular disease.

  • Stress management hacks.

  • Optimized warmups for the over 40's.

  • Men's vs. women's exercise programs. 

  • Exercises to AVOID for long term health.

  • Flexibility & Mobility Training.

  • Programming for LIFE LONG exercise. safe, and effective using a special style of exercise programming. 

  • Compound vs isolation: Not what you might think...

  • Unilateral (one sided) exercises for long term joint health.

  • Best exercise to boost brain health and prevent mental decline.

  • The use of 2 kinds of isomerics in strength without injury.

  • Discover why you NEED more Steady State cardio, and a lot LESS H.I.I.T.!

  • Why you NEED Cross Training

  • Functional Fitness Made Easy

  • The Power of the Sled!

  • Why CrossFitters are never over 40.

  • The Exercise Cycle of Life.

  • How to avoid getting sore after workouts. 

  • Age specific programming focuses for 40, 60, and above. 

  • Get in more movement and other lifestyle hacks, including my 'Movement Pyramid.

  • Tips and hacks to live longer and better from science and my world travels.


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