The Must Have 5 Nutrition Pillars

To Live Stronger - Live Longer - Live Better

When it comes to lasting weight loss and long-term healthy, nutrition is by far the most important aspect. It's also an aspect that many people like to think they understand, but in reality do not. And below I have outlined the 5 big pillars that go into a life long optimized nutrition plan. And remember, it's never a diet, it's a lifestyle that has to work with and for you.


If you don't enjoy the foods you eat, you will not stick to your program very long. Personalization includes looking at your personal genetics, likes and dislikes, sensitivities and lifestyle factors like exercise styles, time planning, NEAT and more.


Many trendy diets and "health / fitness gurus" usually looking to capitalize on a fad, diet book, or trend will often try to say that calories don't matter as long as the foods chosen match their philosophy. But this is a HUGE lie, calories and appropriate macro nutrients are and always will be king of weight loss and a top priority.


While calories are king, we still cannot ignore the medicinal effects of foods, and the facts that there are better foods choices that offer more nutrients and less calories than other foods. So making sure we next focus on micromutrients is a must. 


Many traditional Asian and European cultures understand that food is meant to be sources of physical need (energy), pleasure and a highly valued part of relationships and socialization. So we cannot ignore the psycho-social aspects of our daily nutritional practices as well.


Calories are by far the most important aspect of losing and optimizing weight loss, but meal timing is also been know for thousands of years to matter as well, and recent science in circadian biology is showing us why. 


Modern Tools, Massive Changes

Tools To Live Stronger - Live Longer - Live Better

We live in a time when we have all the tools we could ever need to stay healthy, fit and free of disease, yet very few people take advantage of any of them. Below I outline the simple tools we use in my coaching programs with all my clients. 


Together we will go over an in-depth lifestyle consultation and calorie needs analysis. I find the Katch-McArdle Calculator I am providing you here, to be a good place to start.


Try it out, but keep in mind, together we will be adding a number of other variables to get more precise and personalized, including non-exercise activity thermogenesis, exercise thermogenesis, and the thermal effects of food. 

PERSONALIZATION - Genetics with dnaPower

Not all of my program include personalized DNA testing, however, I do recommend it to every one of my clients as it provides a significant amount of insight into areas off nutrition, exercise and lifestyle that we could never know without it. 

PERSONALIZATION - NEAT and Lifestyle elements

My program also include tracking cetian variables such as daily NEAT, and sleep top help us create both active and passive lifestyle habits to improve fitness, mobility and health markers.


S.H.I.F.T. into Lasting Weight Loss and Health


Long ago, I came to the realization that the world see's us, (and quite rightfully), as a bland, mundane, and boring "wonderbread culture" and I did not want to be part of this, and after many years of travel and discovery, I created my SHIFT System.


Fusing Science With Tradition


Combining the best of the worlds 2 most healthful diets, and using nutritious and delicious ingredient whole foods with a focus on plants, whole grains, heart healthy oils, lean meat, seafoods and a dash of fermented foods .

Spices - Herbs - Infusions - Fragrant - Tastes

Click here to learn more about SHIFT in action in your life

The Science of the MediterrAsian Diet?


Scientists have found that combining Mediterranean and Asian diets can have a very positive effect on your DNA. This is due to the fact that traditional Mediterranean and Asian foods — such as olive oil, chilies, herbs, red wine, pandan leaf, turmeric and matcha — are rich in natural anti-inflammatory plant compounds such as polyphenols. Polyphenols activate a type of gene in the body called sirtuins, which play a fundamental role in extending cellular life and repairing DNA.

Compared to severe calorie restriction (which is also known to activate sirtuins), the researchers found that a polyphenol-rich MediterrAsian diet provided similar health benefits — except minus the having to restrict calories. Their research was published in the scientific journal Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity in 2013.


“We suggest that a MediterrAsian diet combining sirtuin-activating foods of the Asian as well as Mediterranean diet may be a promising dietary strategy in preventing chronic diseases, thereby ensuring health and healthy aging."

Interestingly The University of Arizona College of Medicine even has an accredited course for physicians & dietitians which focuses on combining traditional Mediterranean and Asian eating practices for the health boosting benefits it has. 



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