We are in a time when we should be at our best! We should be the most happy. The most healthy. The most fit. The most energetic. And living stronger, longer and healthier than ever.

Yet we are not.


In fact we are now unhappier than ever!

Sicker than ever! 

Heavier then ever!

More lethargic then ever!

Getting sick earlier and dying sooner...


With all we know why are we so 'wrong'? 

It's because we have lost vision of the complete picture of health.

We tend to only live day from day, getting by with no purpose, no meaning.

We do excessive, hard core, and unmaintainable exercise programs, along with trendy diets we don't enjoy, and eating fad superfoods we don't even like!

There are simple solutions available, IF we know where to look!



1. All across the world, most cultures don't have these same issues. They live longer, they live stronger, and they live better, even with far less than we have.


2. Western health sciences has discovered many of the solutions we need. But the problem has been knowing how add them to them to our lives in simple yet effective ways.

Our 6 Week Body & Life Booster Challenge combines the most cutting edge western sciences with time proven ancient Eastern health traditions that are only NOW being regarded as legitimate. 


Have you have been struggling to lose weight?


Have you lost weight, but not been able to keep it off?

Do you yo-yo in weight? Trying diet after diet? Workout after workout?


Does high intensity exercise and restrictive dieting always fail you?


Do you feel tired and low on energy throughout the day?


Do you feel your creativity and productivity is lacking and holding you from true prosperity?

Can you honestly say you are happy and fulfilled? 


6 Week Body & Life Booster Challenge isn't just another typical 

fat loss or diet program.

Backed by modern functional health sciences and behavioral psychology, yet fused with time proven ancient Eastern traditions this program was developed to help you thrive; easily, realistically and most importantly, for life long success!


If you're ready to discover the lifestyle, fitness, nutritional and small, doable habits and tools to transform your life today...

If you're excited to finally reach and even surpass the body & health results you have been trying to get for all these years....

If you're finally ready to start living the life you want. Earning the health you deserve. And finally discovering the success you are owed. Then join us now!


What more are you waiting for?


The 6 Week Total Body & Life Booster Challenge is truly unique transformational health, fitness and lifestyle optimization program that will teach you how to permanently change the way you think about exercise, food, your environments, relationships and lifestyle. 

The Results?  

More Energy. Leaner Body. Increased Energy & Focus.

Improved Mood. Increased Libido. Increased Productivity.

And so much more..



1. Action Follows Knowledge

Unlike most programs that just give you the what to do, this program will educate you as you go, so you can easily apply all these new concepts to your life and health forever. 

2. The Perfect Combination of East Meets West

Combining the ancient & time proven methods of both eastern and ancient wellness traditions with the latests in cutting edge Western health, exercise, functional and nutritional sciences.

3. Quad Phase System

Following our Quad Phase system of MOVE - NUTRIFY - RECOVER  - DRIVE together we will create life long habits for health, fitness and prosperity.


Proper exercise has been long proven to boost immunity, QOL, emotional stability, and longevity.


Self-improvement, exploring new experiences are paramount to long term mental and emotional health. While natural environments are key to physical health.


Healthy eating is one of the key elements to improving energy, mood, longevity and long term Healthspan.


Taking time to relax, reflect and look within are all hall marks of longevity, emotional & mental health


Being surrounded by genuine and positive people as well as giving back to your community has been linked as the LEADING factor in longevity and sense of self-fulfilment. 


One of the key factors to our modern health problems is a lack of movement and non-fitness physical activity in our daly lives. Discover ways to get more non-fitness movement in daily and easily.  


Finding and following what you love in life is a key to a high quality of life and longevity.


Sleeping proper recovery/destress are two key markers of long term physical, emotional and mental health. 


Phase 1


Movement is paramount to life, and between desks, meetings, sitting in cars and riding on airplanes around the world we don't get enough. Combined with efficient exercise, we will make sure you have all the tools you need to build a strong, fit and pain free mobile body for life.

We will also look into easy ways to increase our NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis to make burning those calories even easier all through the day. 

Phase 2



Nutrition is often made very complicated the fitness professionals, but it really should not be.


During this program we will discover the many ins and outs of making healthy nutrition easy and simple to achieve. From learning about kinds of foods, to serving sizes, calories, nutrients, answering questions like "how much protein do I need?" or "are carb bad for me?". 

We will also look at kitchen architecture and nutrition psychology inspiration to make sure you 100% hot your goals and are excited while you do it. 

Phase 3 



Finally it seems as if the fitness industry has caught up to some of the most ignored aspects of health: 

Psychology, Solialization & Environments.

In Phase 3 we will be taking a deep dive into the realms of sleep and recovery, both of which are paramount to any undertaking in the pursuit of health and designing the passion driven goal based life you desire.


From burning fat, decreasing stress, balding muscle, boosting immunity, increasing memory and recall, decreasing anxiety, and even preventing long term diseases like dementia and Alzheimers. Sleep and recovery is a MUST have topic.


Melatonin, the key hormone in sleep is even been highly correlated to cancer prevention, yet in our modern world melatonin is taking a severe beating. Now you will have all the tools you need to make sure you don't become a victim.  

Phase 4



We are living in a world where we literally have all the tools we need to make any dream we have come true, yet we are more lost, and deprerssed than ever. A recent survey in fact found Vancouver to best be the "unhappiest city in Canada", and a large potion of that is believed to be linked to a lack of passion, purpose, loneliness and connection.

The fact is, most people just don't have a "why" tho their life.


They hate their jobs, the hate the rat race, they play keeping up with the Joneses and they leave their dreams and passions in the dust bin of life.  But there are tools at our disposal to fix all of this. We sometimes just beed a bit of inspiration and guidance to make our dreams come true.  



Goal Planning Consultation, including

Current Lifestyle Assessment: Sleep & sleep environment - environmental toxins analysis - stress analysis - meal timing -  - exercise history - supplementation. 

Current Health Assessment: Medical history - resting heart rate - blood pressure*  - circumference measures - BMI - waist to hip evaluation - chronic illness evaluations. 

Current Fitness Assessment:  Selected core, strength, flexibility, mobility & cardio tests.


6 Week Strive Studio Membership

- Includes either 2 or 3 group classes per week.


 Nutritional Guidance & Starter Kit

- Inclued is a 1 month nutritional starter boost kit.

- Group nutritional lessons and guidance with Holistic Nutritionist. 

- Kitchen architecture group session.


Week Start Group Lifestyle & Health Session

- Nutrition Architecture

- Sleep Architecture

- Recovery & Stress Management

- Passion, Purpose & Goal Architecture

- Exercise Architecture


Travel Workout Program 

- Includes exclusive travel video workouts, links to some of my personal favourites, as well as my

Bonus: Travel band and infusion water bottle.


Weekly Video Lessons

Wellness Architect Ror Alexander will send you weekly health and fitness video lessons . There will be either 2 or 3 videos per week. Topic cover a wide range of modern health, fitness and lifestyle issues and simple ways to address them. 


On-Going Lifestyle Challenges

Receive 2 lifestyle challenges per week designed to help increase your Quality of Life, self-discovery, help you develop new routines, and maybe ignite a new passion, or two, or three. 


Kaizen Habit Hacks

In Japanese Kaizen means "small changes".

- Habits unlike the challenges above are designed to help create life long changes that will ensure success in many areas without thinking. Just as brushing your teeth is a habit you don't have to think about, there are many habits you can do that will also become second nature, and a part of your personal environment. 


Challenge End Wrap Party

Our challenge will end with our favourite Wrap Party that includes how to make the challenge last for ever, the optional Phases 5 - 8, and of course food and fun! Bring a friend!



Want to know what  you can expect to learn and earn in the

6 Week Body & Life Booster Transformation Challenge?

International Functional Lifestylist & Wellness Architect Ror Alexander and Lidia Corbez takes you on a quick tour of what you can expect to find in the program.




Join our next 6 Week Challenge through our EventBrite page. The next Challenge begins Sunday October 14th, 2018, and ends on Nov 11th, 2018.



tune in to the health by design podcast with ror Alexander

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