Design Your MŪV

Your body is made to mūv...

Many people ask why I show a picture of a home when I discuss movement?


Well you need to look deeper than that. What do you see? Look at the dining table. Look at the bed. Look at the decor. This home is designed for one purpose Movement. The table is only a foot off the ground, the chairs promote kneeling, the bed, low profile to promote the need to get low to get in, and crawl out in the morning. The musical instruments promote action. The pond, sitting reflection. The gardens, and plants require care.

The facts are, the longest people living in the world NEVER do what we call focused "exercise", they instead have lives of natural movement and positioning. Walking, crawling, squatting, irregular positions. What they don't do is spend a lot of time siting in chairs or standing in one place.

We have developed a culture where we have limited out bodies ranges of motion, and what happens then? Our bodies start to give up these ranges of motion? Need proof? Look that the Asian squat vs the Western squat videos where over 90% of the westerners asked could not do a simple sub-90 degree squat. 

We look at pain, creaks, stiffness and aches as just parts of "getting older" and a lack of mobility as normal. And we start to see simply getting off the ground as a chore. Even many of the clothes we wear day to day can destroy our movement, and ranges of motion, things like high heels, tight shoes, tight pants that do not promote larger movements, and restrictive formal wear. 

Health and movement starts and end in the home. So to me, this picture is the very definition of lifestyle movement in motion. 

Simple ways to make life MŪV.

  • Japanese dining table

  • Japanese inspired low bed/futon

  • Reflexology barefoot footmats

  • Standing/sitting/squat desks

  • Squat stools

  • Vaastu Zen Zone

  • Squatty Potty

  • Walk to close places

  • Start doing a morning walk

  • Sit on the floor like in Asia

  • Use beanbag chairs, boosters or floor pillows

  • Use a stability ball for an office chair

  • Floor social circle

  • Home gym

  • Yoga area

  • Standing kitchen table

  • Twister game

  • Stretch during commercials

  • Walking treadmill​/treadmill desk

  • Play instruments like drums or guitar

  • Dance alone like no one is watching

  • Foam rollers & trigger balls

  • Thai coconut foot massage at desk

  • Play more active video games.

  • Yoga Toe Seperators

  • Reflexology mats

tune in to the health by design podcast with ror Alexander

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