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Designing your health through simple yet effective daily choices charged by education is the key to optimized health is the message that Ror gets across in his many keynote presentations. With all the myths, trend, fads, and confusing back and forth information, it's now more than ever to have a presenter like Ror who can cut through the nonsense to deliver actionable and everyday 

information that is easy to understand, and even easier to implement.

With a specialized and highly rare global understanding of both eastern and western health and wellness practices, Ror helps his audience truly start to "design their health".

Topics include - Longevity and Health Span, Efficient Exercise, Exercise Over 40, The 8 Areas of Optimal Health, Holistic Home & Life Design.

Content may be customized upon request for your audience or needs.

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Internationally recognized Healthy Living Expert, Celebrity Trainer and Master Coach and Consultant Ror Alexander

Ror is an internationally known and high demand fitness & health coach and consultant with over 20 years of fitness and health coaching.


Ror has worked all throughout Canada and Asia with some of the biggest names in professional fitness, sports and the TV and film industry, as well as writing for many publications globally  Ror also hosts the Health By Design podcast on Apple podcasts, Spotify and more.